Magic Affiliate Translation Guide

I. Create the correct language file

1. Download poEdit at
2. Open the file magicaffiliate/core/lang/mga-en_EN.po
3. Click File -> Save As and change it to mga-it_IT.po
4. Translate
5. Click File -> Save. This should generate a new .po and a
new .mo file. If poEdit does not generate the .mo file
automatically, just go to File -> Preferences -> Editor and
check the box that says “Automatically compile .mo file on save”
6. Upload new .po and .mo file

This now generates the correct .po and .mo files for your language.
II. Tell WordPress to use your language file

1. Edit wp-config.php
2. Locate the line that says: define (‘WPLANG’, ”);
3. Change it to: define (‘WPLANG, ‘it_IT’);
(Note, use whatever language code you used when you
made your translation in step I-3)
4. Save wp-config.php

This example is for Italian language, please change the language code if you translate to another language.

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