Magic Affiliate 5-level tier system.

Magic Affiliate support 5 level tier system. You can access the tier commission settings from:

Magic Affiliate –> Settings –> Tier Commission

Magic Affiliate Tier System

When you setup theĀ  Tier Levels, your affiliate see the “Sub Affiliates” section and see their sub affiliates.



Let’s say you have 3 tiers enabled and their commission settings are 30%, 5% and 1%

This will allow affiliates to have sub affiliates and get commissions from their sales.
Jack is your 1st level affiliate, every time he makes sale, he earns %30.
Kate is Jack’s sub-affiliate. When Kate makes sale she gets %30 and also Jack gets %5.
Sawyer is Kate’s sub-affiliate. When Sawyer makes sale he earns %30, Kate earns %5 and Jack earns %1.


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